Wipeout Bar & Grill — First Restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf to be San Francisco Green Business Certified.

For over 40 years, Simmons Family Restaurants have been part of San Francisco. They have created and developed a broad range of unique Bay Area restaurants and destinations, including San Francisco’s own PIER 39. Today, they’re pleased to offer some of the finest waterfront dining in San Francisco.

                                                                 Cheers — First Restaurant on the “Wharf” to have this certification.

SIMCO restaurants continue to make strides in helping the environment. In 2011 they became a Seafood Watch partner and committed to purchasing and serving 100% sustainable seafood. Serving over 200 tons of seafood annually, they felt the need to do their part in protecting the oceans and helping fisheries thrive. They made numerous menu changes to meet this standard, and they are incredibly proud of their commitment. Continuing with the focus on protecting the oceans, SIMCO switched from using plastic to paper straws in 2017. The amount of pollution and harm that plastic straws do to the environment made this an easy choice for them. Since their switch to paper straws, PIER 39 has also started a PIER wide initiative to “Skip the Straw”. SIMCO has been composting food waste since mid 2005, and felt the need to complete their green practices.

Meet the Family Who Created — PIER 39

As of June 2018, SIMCO restaurants are proud to be San Francisco Green Businesses. In becoming certified, they re-evaluated and restructured their methods on what it means to be sustainable. Through a rigorous process, they focused on their purchasing, utilizing and sustainable disposing approaches and methods through pollution prevention, waste management, conservation practices, water and wastewater management and energy efficiency, as required by the San Francisco Green Business Certification.

SIMCO values the environment and all that it offers, and they’re dedicated to protecting and preserving our environment as they strive to meet the highest environmental standards of the San Francisco Bay Area. SIMCO restaurants are committed to environmental sustainability, conserving resources and making further connections to communities that share their values.

Congratulations to Wipeout Bar & GrillFog Harbor and Pier Market for their dedication, hard work and commitment to help keep San Francisco GREEN.