“Check it out, dudes!”

“I love watching surfing on flat screen TVs. I love rock ‘n’ rock music. I love relaxed family-style restaurants. At Wipeout Bar & Grill on San Francisco’s popular PIER 39, you can get a heaping helping of it all.

I’ve been to thousands of eateries worldwide, but as a California-themed surfing restaurant, this one is unique. Just the name “Wipeout” connotes the great 60s drum solo and the retro feeling of a fun, family place. The wide offering of menu choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner were especially enticing, with categories such as Screamin’ Starters, Shreddin’ Salads, Wipeout Burgers and Paddlin’ Pizzas, with tons of offerings from seafood and tacos to pasta and gourmet sandwiches.

This restaurant is sure to be a hit all-year long with the throngs of tourists and locals who populate PIER 39 because it offers indoor and outdoor seating along the Bay, as well as specialty cocktails and a fun, rocking atmosphere. There’s even a Surf Shop features with uber cool surfing merchandise. I especially liked the bathrooms behind the beaded curtain, framed by the red-and-white striped lifeguard tent. This place is well-designed with cute, functional details like this. Check it out, dudes!”